Sunday, February 5, 2012

Birthday Haul

Hi Dolls,
So last Tuesday I turned 19, yep time flies and I though that I would share with you my gifts which wheren't much thats because I got money instead.
So here are the gifts I got :
1st - A Bag from Accesories
2nd - A 15ml CK perfume ( I highly requested a small bottle of perfume and with a strong sent which this is the one and I'm in love )
3rd - Active cosmetics in Midnight Glam ( which consistes of a black & purple eye liner pencil, a trio eyeshadow palet in black grey & white, and a shimery white eyeshadow).
I haven't tried this product out yet but sometime in the upcoming days I will try it out and I will give you guys a review and a look that I will come up with.
I got this cute card for one of my friends and I thought that I would post a picture here. Comment below when is your birthday and if you would like to share you birthday haul with us why dont you?. Just link me your blog link and I will make sure to check it out :).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nails - Week 1

This weeks nails .
I used : Red from Maybellin no.08
Black, White and the silver glitter from Florelle ( sorry there's no name either number).

Sans Soucis nail polish haul :)

Hi there ,Today after school I decided to pop at this shop and found the Sans Soucis nail polish which I have never tried so I decided to pick up 4 of the nail polishes. Have not tried them out yet but by the in the coming weeks I can make a review about them and let you all know what I think.

On the box it says "Long lasting nail enamel. For intensive luster that lasts and lasts. With calcium pantothenate, vitamin E acetate and musk rose seed oil.

First one on the right : Glitter Pearl no. 20 , Pink no. 120, Apricot no.100, Natural no.10.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hi there if anyone listening .... yes i know it's been ages but i don't get inspired anymore to write so i dunno.

I'm at school at the moment studying Diploma in Business and yes it is going well , I'm enjoying it ... it aka for the different school and I do like the subjects there not that boring even tho i have a lot what to do when assignments are give but I do try my best to achieve what I want and if I want a Diploma in Business that's my goal for this year and that's
what I am going to get. :)

I am loving passing time doing my nail's maybe pop a picture here and then with what I come up with.
What I used :
On the base Revlon lilac pastelle
For the dots 2 of the max factor nail finity in rose petal and percolated pink , and china glaze in caribbean temptation.

I hope you all like it and have a nice day or night. :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sun and a nice sun tan!

Today I am going to share something that I did learn myself durning these few weeks, which is how you can build your tan and still be carefull from those harmful rays and by the end off summer you will welcome winter with a nice dark tan.

So I do think that everyone enjoys the beach and loves a nice sexy tan, but how does some poeple achieve this?, by either self tan or by staying in the sun all day. For me I prefer the sun one but hold on I do protect myself from the sun, so this is what I do.

Some poeple go to the beach in the time that the sun is not that harmful so that means around 8-10 in the morning and from 4-6 in the afternoon thats becouse durning 11-4 the suns rays are very harmful, so you can go durning those hours and just apply a factor 10 sun cream. But for those who enjoy going to th sea durning the harmful hours like me this is what I do :

So first at home I apply a factor 10 sun cream ( this gives you a little protection), then I go to the beach, go for a swim get that salty water on you, then go and sun bath for like half an hour after that I apply fatcor 50 sun cream for full protection and stay under an unbrella when I get out of the beach.

The reason why I do this is becouse when you dry off from the salty water you are going to have salt all over you body, the salt is like little krystals and thats why it attracts the sun a lot. By doing this I will promise you that you are not going to get burned and you are going to have a nice sexy tan.

For all those who where wondering I use nivea sun cream as I find it that it really works and from after sun cream I use the Garnier skin naturals body repair ( review on this next ).

Let me know what you think and what do you do to get a tan ? . Enjoy and drink lots of water during these summer hot days. :) xoxo

Monday, July 12, 2010

Where have I been ?!

Hey guy , how are you all doing ?. I hope you all are enjoying your summer as I am .. I took a one month and a few weeks kind of holiday which I only had to spend 1 hour every day on the laptop thats so I dont end up always , all day on my laptop ... So I just went out every day and spended all my days as I wished and I did enjoy it.

What can I say I have been a big pig haha and every I took either a Crepe or an Ice-cream .. opps :P ... ye I know but who cares as long as I am happy, Its Glory having a Crepe or Ice-cream every day and I love it .. I do think I tried many flavours and it was fun. Felt like a ten year old :D.

What can we say about the beach .... beach = heaven for me :D. I am not going into a lot on the beach subject becouse I am going to dedicate a post for the beach with some tips I have for you.

Thats all for today, tell me what flavour of ice-cream you like or crepe you like, and if there is a topic you would like me to talk about just let me know and I will do my best. Take care and enjoy yourself.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer :D and Yes I'm BACK !!

Yes I'm back , I know I have been gone for away ... but school exams took most of my time but finally I'm finish from them and my summer holidays start.

I'm thinking of changing the blog, I mean I'm not going to write only on beauty and make up , I'll be writing about food , life , toughts , and beauty and make up , hair anything really if there something which I find interesting I'm going to share it with you lovely followers.

My Summer starts now yep :)) . And to tell you the truth am not ready lol. I haven't brought my swimsuit nothing, so next week I have some money saved and I'm going summer shopping... and this is the list of things that I'm looking for :
- A good tined moisturiser for my face ,
- A good sented sunblock , yes I wanted it sented becouse I don't want to smell of sunblock do I ? lol ,
- A great swimsuit ,
- A new Maskara which I do have 2 in mind to check out but you guys can let me now you fav one,
- A few bright liners not black,

So thats what I'll be looking for, if you guys have any good items which I mentioned and you just love them let me know and I'll defintly check them out, And if you guys want me to write about something anything let me know and I'll try and blog about it :)).